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Saturday, 24 October 2015

How to change from a Hobby to a Business in UK? #deathstar

Part 1

Meh! - Hard subject, I have been mulling this over for years - or tripping and falling through the various government agencies that NOBODY wants to talk about.

Example: if you leave the #DWP #ESA #JSA or #HMRC you are a non person in UK. You need to be in one of these Government controlled systems to be a LEGAL worker here.

My Latest jaunt/push into self employment was over rent - I had a choice - you declare yourself self employed and all its meaning or you go back into the "system" of DWP or ESA/JSA and get put in a work program.

As a stressed/anxious person - I felt I had NO OPTION but to try my luck at self employment AGAIN.

You ask ANY self employed person about TAX these last 20/30 years they will shrink away like you just put posion on their leaves, try it - for an experiment - see them avoid the subject at all costs.

Okay back to subject, so far it has COST ME cash to convert from hobby to business - dispite getting LESS money - how does that work :/ ?

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