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Friday, 30 October 2015

She's Alive

Dancing Golem - Fading Colours

(14) Small Mixed Lot inc. Gryffindor Pin, Pope Keyring, Cinderella Shoe, Charms

(14) Small Mixed Lot inc. Gryffindor Pin, Pope Keyring, Cinderella Shoe, Charms harry potter

Too my Lovely people

Who are they you might ask ? well they are usaully customers that say thankyou, say hi, have something interesting to say.  I usually try to communicate with people in any circumstance, hell if you won't speak I will communicate with your pet, anything, I'll talk to your wall if it has more interest, don't be offended LOL!

Had some good & bad customers lately, hoping the #prague people work out okay - sent item by #parcelforce, went by #ebay program up in Derby that repacks, if they reject the item, I have no idea what happens to it, so fingers crossed x

How to Change From a Hobby to a Business Part 2

Oyyy! do you really want to know?

Got to say the shit is hitting the fan this month of trying.

Okay you can beat one system by telling them to get lost (what ever that system is!?!)

Then oooh great, lovely, another system pops up and you think okay, should I be joining the raving mad nutters that do war & shit or do I just try and fit in with civilian society?

Wake up!, you are most likley a civvy, I know I am, I like cake, stores, food, even being a prepper is a civvy occupation or hobby.

I'm just saying from my point of view, nope I am not removing my ass from my bed, love to see some honesty from YOU ALL #MEH !

BUT in the mean time, please do watch telly and stuff as why not!!!?

Saturday, 24 October 2015

How to change from a Hobby to a Business in UK? #deathstar

Part 1

Meh! - Hard subject, I have been mulling this over for years - or tripping and falling through the various government agencies that NOBODY wants to talk about.

Example: if you leave the #DWP #ESA #JSA or #HMRC you are a non person in UK. You need to be in one of these Government controlled systems to be a LEGAL worker here.

My Latest jaunt/push into self employment was over rent - I had a choice - you declare yourself self employed and all its meaning or you go back into the "system" of DWP or ESA/JSA and get put in a work program.

As a stressed/anxious person - I felt I had NO OPTION but to try my luck at self employment AGAIN.

You ask ANY self employed person about TAX these last 20/30 years they will shrink away like you just put posion on their leaves, try it - for an experiment - see them avoid the subject at all costs.

Okay back to subject, so far it has COST ME cash to convert from hobby to business - dispite getting LESS money - how does that work :/ ?

Buy something from me and  we will be connected FOREVER!!!! Stuff that new 30 day rule of REGS - you buy MY things we are virtually FAMILY! (just like the friggin'  Godfather!)

Oh yeah "call to action" click here NOW!!!! and buy all my things they will make you a sexy, better person, I am told 100%

Saturday, 17 October 2015